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Re: 5kt Boost Problems (too much at the moment)

     Sorry to interupt this fascinating discussion on spiders named Boris, 
     and whether or not Dave Eaton will have enough time to get married. 
     But any pointers on finding out why my wastegate frequency valve won't 
     work would be most welcome.
     I ran through both the input and output tests for the MAC-11, all 
     tests check out fine and the wastegate frequency valve clicks and the 
     LED (I hooked up) flickers off and on. I then tried the multi-function 
     switch test which involves runnning the engine at idle, unplugging the 
     WOT switch connector and shorting a couple of the pins together. At 
     this point the freq valve LED should flicker, it didn't, so I replaced 
     the multi-function switch and repeated.... still nothing, hmmmm Orin 
     mentioned these switches can be DOA - any way to verify?
     I guess I'm looking for some pointers why this test wouldn't work? 
     There could be a break in the wiring from the multi-function switch 
     connector but I'm not exactly sure where I measure continuity between 
     (yeah obviously one point is on the connector:)?
     I would also like to probe out the connector at the ECU. As I 
     understand the multi-function switch sends a cold and too hot signal 
     to the ECU, where and how do I measure these signals. I was planning 
     on running the car and measuring the signals at the back of the 
     connector at the ECU?
     The car is running fine with the wasteg gate open loop, except when 
     you hit the over boost shut down... this has happened a couple of 
     times at the most in opportune moments. I'm developing bruising on my 
     left shoulder from the seat belt.
     Thanks and regards, Mike