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Re: Tec II

Dave Head <dhead@sundial.net> wrote:
> There's a very good description of the TEC II FI + ign system on a
> turbo BMW in the latest European Car. Any comments on it?  Expected
> cost? It appears fully programmable, crank triggered, wastegate
> control, load/boost sensed timing, etc - with a built in "learner"...
> I believe its Electromotive's latest offer...

Check their homepage at:

The Electromotive TEC II engine management computer has been on the
market for at least 4 years.  It uses either a crank or cam/distributor
trigger and has a dual-output coil for every two cylinders, firing on
both the compression and the exhaust stroke.  This may make it
impossible to fit to an Audi I5, unless you actually use five coils and
don't share them since the I5 doesn't have any two cylinders that are at
TDC at the same time like an I4 or I6.  Cost used to be between $1K -
$1.5K, depending on features, etc.  Manifolds/fuel rails would be
extra.  Other computers like the Haltec (did they change their name to
Emtech?) use the stock ignition components and simply control the
timing, so may be more appropriate to the Audi I5's.

It is intended to be mounted in the engine compartment and is an
integrated unit, with everything (including coils) on a nice little
box.  The one thing I would be a little worried about is the fact that
all the wiring connections are exposed on the ends of the computer, so
you would have to make sure it doesn't get wet, or it could all short
together (I'm just theorizing here-no practical experience).

It's supposed to have all kinds of nifty features like being able to
control separate sets of injectors independently to either get around
the flow limits of the injectors, or control nitrous flow, etc.  I think
it can also control a wastegate solenoid or just about anything you want
based on RPM, intake temperature and pressure/vacuum, or coolant temp.

The Tech II can be set to run on open or closed loop, with or without
knock sensor, and even controls an idle stabilizer valve.  The "learner"
is supposed to be a great feature that lets you dial in what air/fuel
ratio you want for any given load point and the computer would program
itself based on the Oxygen sensor output.  Timing maps are still up to
you to program.  Off course, the usual disclaimers apply - no
affiliation, never used it, etc. etc.


Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq