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RE: Audi Foxxxes

I had two 78 Fox's and they both had the 100-ish hp 1.6 (neither was the
GTI model though).  I really do miss their simplicity and all around
funness (is that a word?).  The only thing I wished they had was a 5
speed tranny. You want to talk about a bullet-proof engine, one of my
foxes had a ring and valve job at 150k miles, the car was wrecked (by my
dad) at 180k miles, I drove the dentmobile till 224k miles, pulled the
engine and put it in a donor body, sold it, and it now has over 260k
miles on the clock with no problems.
chris perry
ah, a moment of nostalgia

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>I came across an Audi Fox GTi the other day, I think a 1977. It was for sale,
>and seemed to be in managable condition.  As a sucker for old German junk at
>cheap prices it piqued my interest.  Being a 1977, would this car be of any
>relation to the Golf (Rabbit) GTi that also debuted in that year?  Would they
>share the same 100 HP heron head 1.6L bearing tosser that the Golf GTi used?
>Could someone slap me before I buy another VW/Audi that will need three
>hundred miles of electrical wiring and a spare fuse box? At least there
>wouln't be any Pentosin cans laying in the trunk....
>  Keep it, well, something cool. 
>      Later- Jon.