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Re: S6 Wagon

     Don't know about the S6 issue but...
     Having just recently moved to Texas from Alberta I an tell you that 
     they can set up formidable obstacles but the manufacturers are going 
     out of their ways to assist when ever possible. You need a letter from 
     the manufacturer stating that the vehicle meets all US requirements 
     for that year/model. Most have all this computerized and can get it 
     out fairly fast - phonecall & fax reply. Biggest difference is safety 
     equipment; some US spec cars had airbags and motorized belts (not 
     Audi) while we up in the GWN (great white north) were happy with 
     shoulder harnesses.
     I had just started this procedure when me and my 100tq had a close 
     encounter with a deer. The car was a write off but we were OK. Took 
     the insurance settlement and bought a '90 V8Q from the local Audi 
     service manager in Houston, no regrets!
     Hope it works out...jon

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Subject: S6 Wagon
Author:  ohrstrom@erols.com at ENRON-Internet
Date:    3/5/98 8:40 AM

Anybody know of any S6 wagons for sale?   What colors were they sold in 
the USA with?  Is it legal to register Canadian cars in the USA?