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Audi Claims on Torsen

Please note for KISS, that several Center Torsen splits have been ballied
about on this list.  I have found Audi AG to claim all Center Torsens have a
78/22/22/78 split.  That, to my knowlege, hasn't changed until the audi claim
of 57/43/??/?? on the new S4.  Please feel free to note any Audi "claims" I
might have missed.

I would think that until we have documentation otherwise, one needs to speak
of all Gen II, Gen III, and Gen IV Center Torsens to Audi's "claim" above.
Gen 5 so noted, but the "other" end of that 57/43 might be nice to have.

So, Gen II, II, and IV Center Torsens
T1 = 78%
T2 = 22 %
T1 = 22%
T2 = 78%
Tshift max = Trg * (78% - 22%)
Tshift max = Trg * 56%

Hope this helps.

Scott Justusson