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Rear deck audio install...

This is RE: rear shelf on a 200...  
In my 4k i took out the rear shelf.  On this I fitted some 1/8 inch
fiberboard to make sides.  I then made a top of the same stuff and cut
two holes for 6X9s.  I made a little compartment between where the two
seat headrests are.  For sound deadening I used fiberglass (insulation.)
You can use rubber undercoating for sound deadening (it says it on the
can).  I sprayed my trunk lid and entire inside trunk area with it.  I
have 2 JBL 10's in my car, and the undercoating got rid of the garbage
can sound.  I didnt use undercoating in the 6x9s boxes because It is too
tight in there.  Dynomat is sold for a very pretty penny from
crutchfield,  www.crutchfield.com   A friend bought this had a hard time
using it and ended up using rubber undercoating.