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Type 44 D-Pillar Update

FYI in the cosmetic updates department:

The plastic D-pillar cap (the small ribbed plastic peice at the base of
the D-pillar) can be updated to the smooth aluminum peice from the V8.
It cleans up the lines back there a little. Go to a wrecking yard or
order new V8 caps from carlsen (~$20 per side). Paint to match unless
you can find one in a wrecking yard in your color.

1 - Brake (pry) the old plasic piece off.

2 - Drill out the holes where the old pieces attached (two points, fore
and aft) being CAREFUL to use a small enough bit so as not to drill out
the existing retaining clips (metal/plastic).

3 - After painting the new caps to match, just press them into place.
There are no screws on the back side to secure (you do not need to or
want to remove the inside D-pillar trim for any reason - BTDT)

Simple little update that cleans the car up a little, and is a nice fix
if your existing plastic caps are warped (mine were).