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S6 Wagon in Boston

Q -

For those looking for an S6 Wagon (you know who you are), there is one at
Prestige Motors outside of Boston. Their phone# is 1-800-203-9478.

The car is green with black interior. 33k miles, balance of warranty. I saw
the car and it was very clean inside, outside seemed excellent save for a
scratch/dent in front facade below the bumper (not very big). Car had what
looked like new Blizzaks on the 10 or 12 spoke Audi wheels, along with a set
of the Dunlop SP2000s on 6-spoke wheels (Dunlops seemed quite worn) All in
all, pretty damn nice.


Prestige also had an S6 sedan (green/ecru), 94? 100CSQ Wagon (green/ecru), a
'90 V8 (pearl/gray, no UFOs) and a 90CSQ of some sort.

There you go.

Rob Winchell
91 200Q
87 4kCS