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Re: 84 - 87? 5K turbo/quattrowheels

From: audistuff@juno.com (Paul R Anderson)
>I have a question for you all.  I have the 6 spoke original equipment

'fraid i can't answer that for you, but i do have a question...

>let me know what you have.  I am 100 miles from the buyer
>and I'd hate for either of us to make the drive if they aren't the

paul, m'friend, we need to have a serious discussion about attitude
adjustment here...are you really gonna pass up this GREAT opportunity to
spend some quality time in your quattro?  afterall, there are some folks
who commute that far one-way!  just think about the options here--either an
evening blast (interstate type roads) or a beautiful weekend morning
(twisty backroad option)

hmmm...an appropiate sentence for your error?--how about re-reading the
entire torsen-diff thread!  then get in your car and DRIVE!

8^)  --ducking & running...
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