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RE: Audi Foxxxes

The Audi Fox GTI was only available in 1978 and 1979.  I still have my
'78 ... although it mostly just sits on the driveway at home.  The Audi
Fox GTI was primarily a different trim/interior package ... the engine
is the same one that the other Foxes of that vintage had ... which bore
some similarity to the stock 1.6 of the Rabbit (Golf) ... and in fact
was exactly the same drivetrain as on the VW Dasher ...

I bought my car new (so far the only new car I've ever bought!) and I
have been very satisfied with it.  It had the valve seal problem so
typical of the VW head of that vintage, and yes, it does have the funky
fuse box under the dash.  The only problem I ever had with that fuse box
was the fuel pump circuit overload (another common issue) which was
resolved via a recall.  A couple of years ago I installed a 5 speed from
an '85 4k FWD in it ... but it could really use a bigger motor (1.8 or
2.0 liters) to deal with the different gear ratios.  BTW, if anyone is
interested in putting a 5-speed into a Fox ... apparently there is a 5
speed with a shorter tail which will go in easily, but the 4k tranny
took a bit of hammering on the underbody to fit ...

Yes, this was the car that fished me in ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> I came across an Audi Fox GTi the other day, I think a 1977. It was
> for sale,
> and seemed to be in managable condition.  As a sucker for old German
> junk at
> cheap prices it piqued my interest.  Being a 1977, would this car be
> of any
> relation to the Golf (Rabbit) GTi that also debuted in that year?
> Would they
> share the same 100 HP heron head 1.6L bearing tosser that the Golf GTi
> used?
> Could someone slap me before I buy another VW/Audi that will need
> three
> hundred miles of electrical wiring and a spare fuse box? At least
> there
> wouln't be any Pentosin cans laying in the trunk....