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Anyone got any 'spares'

hi fellow qlisters,

    sorry about this, but I'm having a couple of problems getting some
parts. I'm feeling a little delicate after having several problems creep up
all at once! During the first REAL inspection of the underside of my 200, I
now feel rather lucky <err or unlucky depends how you feel), I HAVE THREE
BOMBS <g>, not one! (wonder if I'm going to have 3 times the trouble?). If
anyone has any of the following spare for an '87 UK 200 Turbo (KG engine +
087 auto box) could you mail me please!

    1) Idle speed adjustment screw (on throttle housing)
    2) hydraulic accumulator (Must have 3 ports on housing)(dead or alive)
        (Steering rack, Self levelling suspension & ABS)
    3) waste-gate  spring from manual box (I'm led to believe that the auto
was de-tuned)
    4) auto box governor
    5) auto box pump

I've just changed jobs, so money is a bit on the tight side, but the good
news is that I'm in a nice position that gives me access to all the latest
engineering equipment (we even make the machines for putting the holes in
fuel injectors!). Doesn't matter if these parts are dead, broken or money
needs to be exchanged.