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There is a PC Rally Game (no Audi content)

>Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 09:10:19 -0500
>From: Sean_Ford@idx.com
>Subject: Re: Quattro's on Need for speed
>It's the "pioneer" command. And you're right, I see little quattro benefit
>as well. I had envisioned setting the following parameters: nighttime,
>gravel road, and "go23"/quattro; I figured a nice little rallying scenario
>would be fun, but it doesn't really work that way. I wish there was a PC
>game modelled after a rallying championship. But then again, anything too
>complex would probably melt my home PC (P120, 48meg of RAM, 2meg of video
>memory, no 3D card).
>Sean Ford                       '92 Audi 100CS 5spd 34k mi
>Sean_Ford@idx.com  '98 Honda CR-V EX auto 300 mi
>IDX,Boston,MA              http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/5528

Oh, but their is a PC game modelled after a rallying championship.  It
has been marketed under a few names.  In England (and probably Europe)
it's "Network Q RAC Rally Championship" and I have seen it in stores in
the US as just "Rally Championship" with a different box and cover.  I
have the game and it pretty much ROCKS.  I also have the additional
track add on called "X-Miles" that adds something like 5 more stages. 
The first 28 stages are based on the actual route of the RAC rally from
1995.  The only bummer about the game is no quattro.  There are six
different cars to drive- Subaru Impreza, Ford Escort Cosworth, Renault
Megane, Proton Wira, VW GTI Golf III, Skoda Felicia.  It takes about 8
hours to complete all 28 stages.

Still not as good as the real thing though...

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