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WG Freq valve no workin, HOT Flashes

   >  I ran through both the input and output tests for the MAC-11, all 
    > tests check out fine and the wastegate frequency valve clicks and
>the LED (I hooked up) flickers off and on. I then tried the >multi-function switch test which involves runnning the engine at idle, >unplugging the WOT switch connector and shorting a couple of the pins >together. At this point the freq valve LED should flicker, it didn't, >so I replaced  the multi-function switch and repeated.... still >nothing, 

The WG  LED test Light will flicker only for a few seconds and this test
will work with the multi-funtion switch connector un-plugged. Basically
this test is checking if pin 2/(R) on the multi-function
CONNECTOR/switch is NOT grounded. This grounding normally only occurs
when the engine temp gets above 247F.  PIN 2 ON THE TEMP SWITCH WHICH IS
CONNECTED TO terminal 14 at the ECU and THIS GROUNDING tells the ecu to
back off the boost )I.E. NO wg SOLENOID OPERATION. 

If your WG solenoid was working during the output tests but shorting
across the WOT switch contacts does not flicker the LED, you may have a
wiring problem between the Throttle switch and the ECU.

Oh by the way, After returning from a test drive where I was checking
out an ECU, I just got Bit while working under the hood,by the exploding
After-run cooling pump fitting which apparently broke off and sprayed
boiling coolant imto my right eye and onto my right forearm. Luckily I
was able to grope my way out of the garage and found the faucet with
cool water to flush out my eyes and face. Be Careful out there. Looks
like i got some second or third degree burns from this little exercise
sorry about the CAps, typing with one hand ain't easy
Scott Mo.
1989 200TQ