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85 quattro-long repair list-Qlisters input wanted

Hi All
 I just spent 1.6 hours going over my quattro with my Audi
mechanic/friend. I've owned the car for almost a year and
have finally gotten the thing up on a rack to really look her over
 There were really no surprises and what observations I hadn't
already made I was well informed of by all of you before hand.
Thankfully the steering rack itself is good. The clutch and drive
line is also solid. There were no obvious signs of cracks in the
exhaust manifold but the turbo will have to be rebuilt. The charging
system is fine. I was planning on doing the brakes but the fronts
have 60% and the rears are at 50%.
 The engine compression is 130 130 120 120 115. Here is the
Turbo needs rebuild
Radiator needs recore
All motor mounts - motor is resting nicely on the subframe
Both front outer CV boots-one compromised the other getting there
All control arm bushings - not critical but shot
Leak on return line at steering rack
Low preasure warning switch leaking
Strut bearings - not critical can wait until I replace struts
Left rear drive seal - should be replaced
Both front drive seals - observe
Swaybar bushings
V belts
Timing belt (is there an idler or just the cam gear and the water pump?)
valve adjustment
misc ...
 This is all the kind of stuff I expected from a 13 year old urq.
I need to figure out what I want to do and what I'll have the shop do. I'll
have the
shop do the control arm bushings and the drive seals. I don't have
a spring compressor so if I do the strut bearings I'll have the shop
that too.
 I really want to drive the quattro to Colorado this summer with the kids
so I have to start digging in now. I haven't come to grips with the cost
of this yet but I'm figuring 8 to 10 hours of shop time @ $66 an hour.
My dear wife has excepted a "don't ask, don't tell" policy on this which
is remarkable.
 Thanks in advance and my apologies for the long post