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RE: Rumbling from 1991 200 Turbo Quattro

jonathan wrote:
>I just acquired a 1991 200TQ that is making a very strange noise which
>mechanic believes is normal--but I'm getting very tired of.  When I
>the gas at above 4000 rpm, there's a strange noise from beneath the


My 91 200q makes a similar sort of noise, but I believe mine is probably
in the tranny, most likely the propshaft. There is some looseness (play)
in the system somewhere, and I hear a chain-like rumbling as a result.
The prop shaft can come apart internally and make noise, but it's not
real serious (for a while, usually). In my car the rear diff area makes
a clunk noise, as well, when shifted (rear prop shaft speed out of sync
with rear diff - a little play after 172k miles). My car has been this
way for over a year now, and there has been no problem as a result. I am
just now having to replace the tranny rear main seal (as a result?).
I'll take a closer look at it then.

You may also have a clogged cat or two. If particles in there are loose
you can hear buzzy or chattery type noises when pumping the throttle at
idle (sit inthe drivers seat w/ the door open and listen - it's hard to
hear if you're standing over the engine). Otherwise, it could be a water
pump, but that (IME) is more of a 'chortle' or 'warble' type sound. Hard
to diagnose noises over the web, to be sure. Some day we will be able to
include sound files with the posts, won't that be interesting....

Hope you find your problem.