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Re: Audi Foxxxes

For me too this was the car that, as you put it Steve, "fished me in..."
Though Mine was a '76 Dasher wagon, and it was accept for trim, identical
to the fox (as far as I can remember). These (the Fox) were badged overseas
as the Audi 80.  Traded mine in on a new '81 Jetta (smokin' valve guides
and all). The Jetta was by comparison nowhere near the Dasher in quality or
ride. Jettas didn't have subframes in those days and the transverse mounted
motor was much noisier. Until I gave the Jet to my oldest son and bought
the '87 4Kq always regretted not buying a 4k in 81. And thank  G we didn't
get the Lancia.

Thanks for the memories


> From: Buchholz, Steven <Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com>
> The Audi Fox.... 
>.....and in fact
> was exactly the same drivetrain as on the VW Dasher ...
> Yes, this was the car that fished me in ...