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Re: HOT flashes

Scott M. wrote:

>Oh by the way, After returning from a test drive where I was checking
>out an ECU, I just got Bit while working under the hood,by the exploding
>After-run cooling pump fitting which apparently broke off and sprayed
>boiling coolant imto my right eye and onto my right forearm. Luckily I
>was able to grope my way out of the garage and found the faucet with
>cool water to flush out my eyes and face. Be Careful out there. Looks
>like i got some second or third degree burns from this little exercise
>sorry about the CAps, typing with one hand ain't easy

This sounds like it is getting to be a big PITA for a lot of people.  I've
been sprayed with hot coolant before by my '68 'Vette (defective radiator
cap), and almost got the same treatment because of a broken radiator nipple on
my 5KCSTQ, and it is really, really awful or worse.

Someone, somewhere has to make a small, durable, 12v electrical pump that can
be adapted to replace the stock unit.  I'm going to do some Internet searching
tomorrow on what I expect to be a slow Friday at work and see if I can find
anything that looks promising.  These horror stories are getting to be enough,
and I'd like to deal with mine before I get the car back together again and
the hot weather comes.  

Best Wishes,