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RE: Audi Foxxxes

Thanks for the kind words Wolff ... he certainly has a selective eye ...
:)  The clearcoat on the hood and top of the greenhouse is long gone.  I
was hoping that the CA legislature was going to pass a law exempting
cars 20 years old or more from smog checks ... well they passed the law
and it is currently 25 years and will increase yearly for 5 years.  I
really doubt I'll keep the car 10 more years for this.  (but as long as
I'm still living I intend to have the urQ when it is 30 years old ...)

I meant to include a little info about the trim differences in my
earlier posts.  The Fox GTI had blacked out trim rather than the chrome,
and striping (the '78 had a wide black GTI stripe on the hood and
similar stripes down near the rocker panels, while the '79 only had
stripes on the side, and the stripes were at about waist level).  The
GTI Fox also had black cordurouy (sp?) upholstery.  

IMO you're not risking too much going for one of the later model Foxes
... they have fuel injected engines and with a weight of ~2200 pounds
the 80 horsepower goes pretty far ...

Steve Buchholz

> ----------
> I have seen Steve's GTI. When I first saw it I asked him why he put
> "GTI" on it not knowing that it came that way. Hehe. It is silver with
> big fat black racing stripes on it if I remember correctly. Kinda
> cool.