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5000S report (no torsen or quattro I'm afraid)

So, the report on the 5000S' shop visit is uneventful pretty much (which is
good.)  The engine was in a good state of tune and just needed a little
tweaking to pass emissions (didn't need plugs or points or anything but a fuel
filter.)  We did find a torn boot on the right CV joint and the joint is
pretty much shot (but not to the point where I get the clunking.)  The
underside is tight as a drum as is the exhaust.  Since I hosed off the engine
(there was standing oil on the manifold) I haven't noticed any leaking (maybe
it was just a klutzy owner.)  I had the oil changed and next week, the guys
going to look for the tranny leak.  We looked while it was on the rack but he
didn't see much leakage, just a little.  Nothing to indicate the quart or so
every couple of days.  We're going to change the pan gasket just be check out
that possibility, although I might take it to a tranny shop before then.  Any
ideas people?

So far, total cost of car is $680.  Still lots of little and not-so-little
things wrong with it that will drive the cost up I'm sure.  I think that the
body work is going to run about $1500.  But I have new brakes all around, new
oil, new tune, and will get the lubing next week (my guy didn't have time.)
Oh yeah, a cursory inspection of the front end showed a pretty tight rack
(except for the CV joint.)  Also, he said that my steering wheel belt is a
little loose, which could be causing the too-tight feeling I get when I steer
(I hope that's all it is.)

Any reason why I should get intermittent rock hard brakes?  Especially first
thing?  Is it the bomb slowly going bad?

d(keeping the 5000S on the list because everyone else seems to have q's and
t's and torsen's and two digit cars and small furry animals and Ss)weil