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Re: Cheap 90A Bosch Alternator fix for all!!!

I performed this surgery last night!!!. I took the used (but good) brushes
out of a 90 amp Volvo alternator & put them in my 110 amp Audi alternator.
It's like brand new.


Eric Maxon wrote:

> I had, and shared, a VERY pleasant surprise last week:
> One of my customers had a remanufactured Bosch 90A alternator in her '86
> Coupe GT that was working intermittantly (sometimes had to rev the
> engine over 2500rpm to get the alternator to start producing enough
> current to keep its field coil primed!) due to totally worn out
> brushes.  I was able to save her about $150 over the price of another
> reman alternator by selling just a new brush/voltage regulator block for
> $36.
>   For alternators that go for less than $100 rebuilt, I think it's a
> waste to replace individual parts like this.  But in this case, where
> the Bosch reman unit retailed (at least at my shop... hell, list is more
> like $240) for around $180, it's well worth it.  ***I found a rebuilder
> who also happens to be a partial line Bosch WD-- and they STOCKED the
> brush/Vreg block.  Not even my full Bosch line distributor had 'em, and
> last time I tried to buy individual parts for a Bosch Alt., (A diode
> block for a crummy old 60A Alt. from a 1980 Scirocco,) the bastards
> (different rebuild shop,) wanted to charge me $60. (%80 of the cost of a
> Bosch reman!!!)  They're my 2nd tier supplier, and they do quite a bit
> of retail biz, so I'd be happy to send them on to the qlist. I have no
> idea how/if they'd handle mail orders, but here 'goes:
> A-Foreign & Domestic Inc.
> 2924 N. Western Ave.
> Chicago, IL 60618
> (773) 463-8555  "foreignautoelectric" = Chris, the owner.
> "BOI 30062 Vol. Reg." was the notation from the invoice.  (I've already
> trashed the box... sorry.. no Bosch or Audi part number, but it was a
> bonafide Bosch part in a Bosch box)  Just ask for the voltage
> regulator/brush "block" for a Bosch 90A alternator (standard on just
> about every VW/Audi from the mid 1980's to present.)
> Listen, these are the OLD style pictured in the factory manual, with the
> brushes you can easily desolder/solder off/on, so NEXT time they wear
> out (probably 20% sooner than the last set since you've not turned the
> stator, you naughty boy) you can replace just the brushes for a measly
> $5 at your local hardware store.  (Take the old ones and a micrometer
> along!!!  As long as you find something close, you can sand them to the
> exact dimensions with emery cloth or sand paper)
> You can remove the brush/Vreg block w/o removing the alternator-- just
> disconnect the battery and remove the two slot head screws from the back
> of the alternator w/ a right angle blade screwdriver (wouldn't want to
> accidently short across the B+ termanal w/ the battery connected now,
> would we??)  New spec. for the brushes is 10mm protruding from the
> plastic, (the longest edge) and min wear spec. is 5mm. I had two units
> here at the time: one had 4mm protruding and worked fine, the other
> (hers) had 3mm protruding and worked intermittantly.  So, when your
> brushes wear to somewhere between 3-5mm in length, depending upon luck
> and how many times your stator has been turned, your alt. will fail.
> Hell, for $35  (Okay, less if you're buying direct,) I'd keep one in the
> trunk.
> I hope this saves qlisters someone some $$$$
> Eric,
> The Manicured Mechanic
> "Never Gouges"
> Chicago, IL.