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A6 Car of the Year

The Motor Week segment where they tested the new 911 and gave out their
"driver's choice" awards was on in our market last night.

The new A6 quattro won best in the luxury sedan class while the new 911
won in the sports car category.  What was surprising was that John Davis,
the show's host said that they had decided to give a first-ever overall
car of the year award.  the winner is a A6q.  the like its styling, orad
manners, fit, finish, handling, and other niceties. Their claim is that
a comparable car would cost $15,000 more.

Yet another affirmation of what we have known for a long time.  Hopefully
it should get a few more quattros sold and into the used car markets.  I'm
beginning to see some '96 and even a few '97s show up as used cars.

Bill Murin
89 100q