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Koni Shocks

     FWIW, I just spoke with Eric at RD Enterprises regarding the defective 
     shock. I can't say I was too impressed, he basically said it's not my 
     problem RD Enterprises don't warranty the shocks Koni do. He would 
     ship out another shock but I would have to pay for it up front. He 
     gave me the name of someone at Koni to call regarding warranty to see 
     if Koni would send a replacement without charge.
     So I called Koni and the lady I spoke with there was extremely 
     helpful. According to her a new shock would be express shipped today 
     as soon as she received a copy of the paperwork i.e. receipt from Eric 
     at RD. When I asked Eric why I didn't have a receipt he said it should 
     have been attached to the outside of the shipping box (it wasn't) and 
     that maybe customs removed it.
     ASI is the parent company of RD Enterprises.
     Just for my information are there no laws in California (or other US 
     States) the require retailers to replace or refund defective product 
     within a certain number of days of purchase? A consumer protection law 
     Regards, Mike