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5000S report (no torsen or quattro I'm afraid)

Ref:  Your post of Fri, 6 Mar 1998 08:36:01 EST (attached)

Good Deal!  Just a couple of notes:  check the bomb by repeat pressing
the brake.  New bomb:  no light until after 20-30 times.  My bomb:
light after 4-6 times.  Nearly shot.  Get some grease and a new boot on
that cv joint, may be good for many many miles.  Heads sometimes leak a
little oil, no biggie; check that it's not the valve cover gasket.  DO
NOT wait on the tranny!  Often the diff fluid "evaporates" and the seals
dry.  This lets tranny fluid leak into the diff --bad news.  You could
blow the tranny on a moments notice (or without), and you ARE eating up
the diff.  A friend of mine drove his wagon off the road when the tranny
suddenly blew up --literally, parts all over the road, wheels locked
right up.  CHECK the differential fluid AND the tranny --NOW.  YYMV, but
better safe than take the loss.