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OK I GIVE UP!! Must convert to TURBO power..4000q rally car VS Mitsus

Ok Guys, I give up. I've rallied the 4000 for the past 3 years with some
good results and only 150hp. Heck, I even have a divisional class win!
But now, a great darkness has swept the land. Japanese atrocities   are
being committed on the U.S. rally public. Many Eclipses/Talon wonder
machines arer showing up at rallies and I can't stem the tide. They are
fine cars. I just can't compete with them. Now that I know how to drive
the 4000q with skill it's time for more power. So, I now need a tubo
5000 donor car. If any of you guys know where I might find an 86,87 or
88 5000 turbo please fill me in. I'll    will post as the project
develops. If any of you guys have any tips...fling some my way!!
thanks!!					Mike Burke..Burke Motorsport  93 chevy tow van, 97 saturn
sl2, 87 4000q rally car, 87 4000q wreck(being fixed parts car..)