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Re: Bentley references to rear torsen diff

> Phil Rose posted about the bentley manual for the 88 to 91 100/200 series type
> 44 having some limited references to a rear torsen diff:
> ..."

> Well, no one venturing to comment (or speculate) on ol' Bobby Bentley

> managing to misidentify (in two different places) the '89-'91 200q rear

> differential as "torsen"?? Yes, I realize the facts appear to be otherwise,

> so this is a pretty major error-although I guess it's not likely to lead to

> any grief. I know the Bentleys are infamous for lack of "how-to" detail,

> but are they typically so "off the mark"?

FWIW, the US 5000 CSQ parts fiche rear diff page says 'limited slip'.
It isn't.  Phil noticed similar on the UrQ fiche.  I'd guess
the Bentley picture/diagrams came straight from Audi sources.

That is typical for the Bentley.  They have one of the CIS adjustments
for the 5k turbo completely wrong.  I think it's the idle...
shows a picture of the differential pressure regulator for the
NA CIS system.