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Audi models

Hi all,

As the 2nd edition of 'Audi Driver' magazine mentioned already, Audi views
model cars as an integral part of their marketing plan, and more
large-scale (1/18) Audi models are bound to appear in future.

The first of those has just been announced: Revell plans on releasing a
1/18th scale Audi TT model to accompany their fabulous Avus this year.
Unfortunately, the rest of this year's model announcements from the '98
Nuremberg Toy Fair have been a bit disappointing for Audi fans: Minichamps
will release a couple of additional liveries for their excellent 1/43 A4q
Touring Car, and Siku will release a model of the new A6, but that's about
The recently-released DetailCars UrQ won't be getting any additional
versions, and the 1/43 Minichamps UrQ announced two years ago has vanished
from their catalogue. Pity, as Minichamps would undoubtedly make an even
better model than DetailCars.
Let's hope that some 1/18 manufacturer sees the light and comes up with a
nice model of the UrQ- recent releases of less mainstream vehicles like the
'74 Golf Mk1 from Solido (superb!) and Road Legends' '66 Karmann Ghia have
shown that there is a market for something besides Ferraris, Lamborghinis
and Porsches.

Also high on my wish list are affordable models of the RS2 Avant (at least
cheaper than the limited-edition $175 handbuilt model available), the 100
Coupe S (as the old Maerklin models have risen in value to something like
$200 for a good one), or the new S4. The only S-car release so far is the
1/43 S6+ sedan/Avant by Schabak. Unfortunately, Schabak seems to have
fallen out of favour as a preferred model maker, to be replaced by
Minichamps, so future Schabak Audis will be scarce.

On the release of the 1/18 TT- don't hold your breath. It may well appear a
lot later than planned, as is usual in the model world. Nevertheless, it
would be nice if it would be introduced together with the real car later
this or early next year...


PS Off-topic, but nice: a month ago I bought a very solid 1984 Suzuki Swift
1.0 3-cylinder, just because it cost $25 and looked very good with lots of
new and recent parts. After some more work I just sold it for $500 to the
first one who came to view it- the first car I've ever made a real profit
on (and without even trying).

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

     Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others.
                                  -- Groucho Marx, 1890-1977