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Mike Stump wrote:

> For everyone out east, it starts at 9:45 PM eastern on ESPN 2.Looks like
> it's time to haul out the Ferrari flag and cheer on the boys from
> Marrenello (sp?).

Hmmm... I was watching the Touring Car action on Speedvision last night, and
they stated that they are the only ones with exclusive coverage. I guess all
of those who are Speedvision-challenged will find out tonight!!

I haven't heard of many folks on this list with Speedvision. I'm beginning
to think that I am a very lucky individual living where I am in MD. In fact,
since the Touring Car action (both BTCC and DTM) has been on every Friday
night for the past few weeks, I've entertained the thought of hosting a
gathering at my place to watch the action... for those who go without. Any
takers in the MD area?

The new season will start in a couple of months I believe. I plan on
watching/taping them as well. I can't wait!! The action is fantastic... and
the camera coverage is awesome. Sorry to rub it in... but SPEEDVISION

(A real bummer is that neither Speedvision nor ESPN2 has covered the Porsche
Supercup the past couple of years. ESPN2 used to cover it, then they dropped
it/lost it. Bummer... that is an AWESOME series to watch!!).

Needless to say, if anyone is looking for me tonight, I'll most likely be at
home... watching F1 on Speedvision!! :-)  (Of course, I'd rather be out on a
date with a beautiful woman... but unless one happens to fall in my lap this
afternoon... that ain't gonna' happen!!)

                     Jim Griffin
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