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Re: <90Q20V> Radio "SAF" display

Tim Gortner wrote:

> The Hynnis dealer says he .... can't get the code.

The dealer is "full of it". They just have to take the serial number off the
radio, and contact AoA. This is done all over America... every day of the
week. Is this a licensed Audi dealer??

(I've BTDT... when I bought my car used, the previous owner did not leave
the code behind anywhere... and I too wasn't able to contact him..... so,
essentially, I went through exactly the same thing... )

> What's up with this?

He wants to sell you a new radio... that comes with a code!!

> My V8 had the same problem and the dealer knew the code right away.

Was this the same dealer? If so, maybe he has since found a new way to make
more $$$....

>  Is there something different with the 90 model (non-Bose?).

Nope... at least not that I am aware of. The "safe" feature works the same
way, AFAIK.

Storm into the dealer, and demand satisfaction... or take it to another

Good luck.
                     Jim Griffin
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