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WGFV: specifications...


Looking for a replacement for the WGFV ($150 from agent). I need some

	1. voltage or current controlled?
	2. minimum switching frequency, maximum switching frequency
	   between the 2 inlet hoses (1 inlet pressure from manifold,
	   other is probably outlet to turbo intake)?
	3. actuating time?
	4. pulse width modulation or frequency modulation? frequency
	   I guess, but is it something like 3 short spikes a second
	   = 3Hz or is it 3 long pulses with 3 briefs stops = 3Hz?
	   Hope you're following?

I'm not sure how it all works as far as duty cycle goes, perhaps Scott
Mo, Orin or Phil could assist. Does the ECU supply a 12V signal to the
electrical contacts of the FV, the number of times it supplies the
signal (power) per second determines how fast the valve switches the
inlets? Just want to get the specs and operation down properly in
order to find a cheaper than agent price replacement that will be
more reliable. So far I have found a few diverting pressure valves
(as that is essentially what the thing is), but need to get the
proper models.


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