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Speedvision rules -- not only does it have a fantastic content archive, it's
also GREAT for entertaining 5yr olds!

They had live qualifying on last night (at least they said it was live, I
haven't bothered to figure out the time shift to check them on it. isn't it
around 12 hrs?), and said they would be exclusively broadcasting the race at
9:30pm Saturday.

Brian Titus
88 5ksq w/leather shift boot 'in the mail'!

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> To:	Mike Stump
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> Subject:	Re: ESPN= NO F1 RACES
> Mike Stump wrote:
> > For everyone out east, it starts at 9:45 PM eastern on ESPN 2.Looks like
> > it's time to haul out the Ferrari flag and cheer on the boys from
> > Marrenello (sp?).
> Hmmm... I was watching the Touring Car action on Speedvision last night,
> and
> they stated that they are the only ones with exclusive coverage. I guess
> all
> of those who are Speedvision-challenged will find out tonight!!
> I haven't heard of many folks on this list with Speedvision. I'm beginning
> to think that I am a very lucky individual living where I am in MD. In
> fact,
> since the Touring Car action (both BTCC and DTM) has been on every Friday
> night for the past few weeks, I've entertained the thought of hosting a
> gathering at my place to watch the action... for those who go without. Any
> takers in the MD area?
> The new season will start in a couple of months I believe. I plan on
> watching/taping them as well. I can't wait!! The action is fantastic...
> and
> the camera coverage is awesome. Sorry to rub it in... but SPEEDVISION
> (A real bummer is that neither Speedvision nor ESPN2 has covered the
> Porsche
> Supercup the past couple of years. ESPN2 used to cover it, then they
> dropped
> it/lost it. Bummer... that is an AWESOME series to watch!!).
> Needless to say, if anyone is looking for me tonight, I'll most likely be
> at
> home... watching F1 on Speedvision!! :-)  (Of course, I'd rather be out on
> a
> date with a beautiful woman... but unless one happens to fall in my lap
> this
> afternoon... that ain't gonna' happen!!)
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