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Re: electrical weirdness

Hi there

We have just been throught the same problems....in fact we just replaced the
alternator and the audi seems to be running fine...

now for any unrelated question:

The window washer sensor keeps coming on....we have filled the bottle up ...
then we start the car and drive for about 2 mins or so. It then starts to beep
and the light flashes on again ...The window washer fluid is full and works
(both bottles reserve and main)  any suggestions on what it can be?

Jack and Leah

LOACESQ wrote:

> The Audi gods are at it again.  Just when things were running smoothly . . .
> Here are the conditions and symptoms:
> 1. '87 5kcst with some history of weak charging/battery discharge, but no
> other history of electrical problems;
> 2. while running (happens more at idle and low speeds, but has happened at
> highway speed);
> 3.  each time the radiator fan goes on;
> 4.  the seatbelt warning light flutters briefly (accompanied by weak bell),
> and sometimes the ABS OFF light flutters on as well;
> 5.  if the radio is on, the speakers will cut out briefly at the same time
> also, but the radio itself still has power, as indicated by the display.
> 6.  no other problems apparent.  While the car is running, the alternator
> seems to have no (other) problem supporting the full electrical load.
> I've looked at the wiring diagrams as well as the actual wiring and can't
> figure any of it out.  Anybody have a clue?  Please?
> Voltage regulator?
> crossed wires/shorting?
> alternator?
> relay?
> demonic possession?
> TIA for any tips!
> adam