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Re: HOT flashes, coolant afterrun pump ideas

MB has a few application that use an electric coolant pump, the MB looks
pretty robust compare to the "peacer" of Audi (all metal body etc.) you
might want to check in that direction. Also MB has, in some (very expensive)
cars a setup that gives different temperature from vents and they use a
split heater core with two coolant pumps to divert the flow, check it
Good luck,

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From: Audial <Audial@aol.com>
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Date: Friday, March 06, 1998 9:17 PM
Subject: Re: HOT flashes

>An Update:
>Today _was_ a blissfully slow day at work, so...I was able to do some
>searching with the T1 line and came up with a few candidates...
>(BTW, the world of pumps is fairly large on the Internet.  Maybe not as big
>the Spice World, but at least it's much better documented and you can
>the artists ;-))
>I've sent emails to a a few pump manufacturers that I thought might be able
>supply a product to replace the after-run coolant pump.  I also have some
>phone numbers if I don't get replies.
>So, hopefully I'll catch something, I'll let everyone know.
>Best Wishes,
>'86 5KCSTQ, still battered 'n bruised, with a stock after-run coolant pump
>sitting there...marking its time...