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Oil pan question

Thanks for the responses to the oil pressure question.  As a general
reference point, 5 out of the 6 people who responded get 5+ bar on
start-up, idle is generally a little above 2 bar.  These numbers drop with
hot engines or thin oil.  Anecdotal evidence that some really thin oil was
put in my car:  For the first time in over 50k miles, I've got noisy
lifters.  I've always wondered what they sounded like; rather unhealthy. 
Mobil One's getting put back in, soon.

The next question is:  Does anyone have an idea what the lateral "fin" on
the oil pan on the 3B motor does?   I'm talking about the part with the
semi-circular cutout for the oil filter. It's pictured, but not identified
in the Bentley on Vol 1, p. 17.14.  Bolt #9 goes through it, but what is
it? Something to increase the surface area of the oil pan, maybe?  It's not
present on the MC motor, and the oil capacities are the same, so I don't
think it's there to increase capacity.

I ask, because it appears that the gasket on this part is seeping.  I'm
getting oil on the bolts, with no visible trail elsewhere.  The rest of the
pan is dry.  

Again, please respond privately.  I've un-subbed due to list volume.  I'm
trying to simultaneously complete a Master's degree, work a full time job,
and get ready to move back to the US.  I'll be looking for a reasonable
Audi mechanic in the San Antonio, TX area early this summer.  


Joe Yakubik