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Rantings and ravings (no Audi content)

So there I was, after racing home from work and pulling into the garage
at exactely 9:45 PM I ran into the house and flipped the TV to ESPN 2.
Live coverage of the Austrailian Grand Prix this was not!!!  It turned
out to be some show on car crashes.
"OK, there's just some technical difficulty, "I assured myself, "The
race will be here soon."  That soon came at 10:00 when the crash show
"1994's world's strongest man competion?!?! (insert string of offensive
four letter words here)"
It's one thing if ESPN doesn't want to carry F-1.  Fine.  The least they
could do would to inform say, ohh, I don't know....  THE PUBLISHERS OF
Anyway, I suppose it is suffice to say that I was extremely dissapointed
with how the hole thing turned out.
And now I here that Speedvision has BTCC too??  I guess I'll be calling
on Monday to find out what I need to get the chanell (probably $40 a
month plus a $400 dish)
Sorry for the bw
Mike Stump