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O-Ring Spec. (or Part no.)

     Dear Q-lister Friends,
     Pls refer to my previous posting, my '89-90 (non-q/Auto) has a small 
     leak between the Fuel Distributor (Bosch/CIS-E III) and Diff. Pressure 
     Regulator (part no. 2437020 009).  (According to the advice from our 
     Q-listers, I am convinced that it's causing by the cracked O-rings 
     between FD & DPR.)
     I will be very grateful if any one of us--who has Bosch Part Manual, 
     pls give me the O-ring details & spec (and name of the manufacturer).  
     (It will be very much helpful, if you can give the Bosch's part no. 
     for this O-rings.)
     Many thanks in advance,
     '89-90 (non-q/Auto) 71+ K.
     Internet: achoeypatkul@unicef.org