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CIS to EFI: who has done it? anyone dealt with AC Delco?


Idle mind again, it is a Sunday.

Who has done a CIS-E to EFI conversion? I'd just like to make a full
list of parts required and programming work needed.

Anyone dealt with the ECU, air flow and ignition control systems
from AC Delco? I was looking at the Delphi site, they seem to provide
the Delco stuff. They have a "ionization current sensing ignition
sub-system" that seems interesting, it is a direct ignition type
unit and incorporates knock sensing and combustion quality sensing.

A brief list of what I think will be needed:

	1.  air cleaner housing
	2.  air flow meter
	3.  throttle body
	4.  fuel rail
	5.  injectors
	6.  pressure regulator
	7.  fuel pump
	8.  ignition rail
	9.  temperature sensor
	10. altitude sensor
	11. ECU
	12. MAP sensor
	13. O2 sensor

That's a short list, I know about a million things are missing. Notably
the crank timing sensor to assist ignition timing. However, that is
why the "ionization current sensing ignition" caught my eye, it does
away with the crank angle sensors.

Does one get throttle bodies with integral air flow meters? The Delco
air flow meter comes in a bi-directional form (can measure flow in
both directions) with integral intake temp sensor. Getting a throttle
body (with idle air bypass) including air flow meters and temp sensors
will save on clutter.

To those who've done the job, I'm just curious how you handled the
fuel rail and IM setup. Did you replace the entire manifold (this
is on a '90 200t or early 5kT)?

As far as I can tell Delco provide ECUs and algorithms to take care of
setups using their O2 sensors, ignition, injection and air flow
systems. I will e-mail them for more info on the "ionization" thing
to see if it is under ECU control.

Once the tonne of work has been completed putting in the fuel rails,
the direct ignition system, the throttle body, air filter, connecting
up the turbo, intercooler, fuel lines, PCV and all other bits on the
motor, how will one go over from the CIS to the EFI fuel maps? I guess
the timing maps can come right out of the current ECU, right? How did
other listers who converted to EFI from CIS on the 5k cars determine
the fuel maps or is it really up to the ECU algorithms to determine
fuel according to air flow? Trying to avoid more 3D maps of fuel

Does a conversion to EFI make the car any more competitive compared
to todays EFI cars? Is it more reliable? I mean, I'm running a 2.2
turbo, but 1.8 litre 4-cylinder 8-valvers (admittedly lighter cars)
are serious competition these days! :)

Sorry for the wasted BW, but when I first joined the list last year
I had a EFI conversion on my mind and I thought I might as well clear
its pains and benefits up now. Would like to hear from people who have

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