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Re: urQ seat cushions

Richard_Funnell@nai.com wrote:
>      Does anyone know if the front seat cushions in an '83 urQ are
>      interchangeable side to side?

FYI:  the 4kq seat BOTTOM cushion is the same L/R. Dealer fiche verifies
same. I doubt the backs are twins because of the different tilt hardware
(mine is a standard VW knob on the "inside" edge of the seat. C-GT and
ur-q have the little lever on the "outside" edge of the seat, no?). BTW,
the 4kq has the same "sport"-style seats as the ur-q.

>      I find the seat back's right bolster becoming a pain, and I think it's
>      because the seat bottom has settled unevenly, tilting me sideways.
>      Any other experiences?  I've thought of replacing the seats, but I'd
>      rather fix these properly.

Some have said the seat pan (the metal part across the bottom of the
seat which supports the foam) has broken off of the frame, causing
sagging. When I changed my foam last weekend (164k miles) I didn't see
any cracks on mine.

hth and YMMV,