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Re: Tec II

Dave Head wrote:
> There's a very good description of the TEC II FI + ign system on a turbo BMW
> in the latest European Car. Any comments on it?  Expected cost? It appears
> fully programmable, crank triggered, wastegate control, load/boost sensed
> timing, etc - with a built in "learner"... I believe its Electromotive's
> latest offer...
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I have installed one on my car. It is great to tune and is simple. The 
only problem is it doesn't work with 5 cyl engines. Also they don't 
include harness and you need to build one yourself. Their connectors are 
no good for rally as I found out. The one to use on low budget for 5 cyl 
is Autronics and it can be purchassed from John Buffum direct. For high $ 
use Motec (double the price). There was many details with Electromotive 
to learn. Let me know if interested.

Mike Z