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Ur-Q Motor, parts FS


I am switching to an MC motor, so I have parts for sale if you want original

The car is # 854DA900082  build date 2/82

Parts out or soon to be:

Fuel dist block (black) / with lines,  0 438 100 123   $35
Frequency valve (a bit crusty but working), 0 859 062 670  $20
Warm Up Regulator   $35
Injectors (5) (not pretty but working)  $25
Head (no cracks or leaks)  035 103 373 AO  WWO  $400
Cam (clean, no scratches)  $100
Distributor  035 905 206 L   $150
Exhaust manafold (no visible cracks)  $250
Block/pistons,rods,shaft (mounts for alternator broken, can be welded)  $250
Original ECU, MAC02 (working just fine) $300

All prices negotiable, or make an offer on the whole thing to put into a 4kq.
No long waits ala Wachholz (remember him?). This stuff is out or soon to be.
The MC is on the way to me. Lots of other parts coming out.

John Bingham       717 898 7334      Lancaster, PA