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Re: xenon headlights on an A4


The original style Avant/A3 (Golf/Polo/Passat etc. too) roof antennas that
are absolutely identical are available through Votex.  They have a hookup
for GSM as well as radio.  My experience in my previous car (A4 Avant) was
completely positive, except for the price.  These are manufactured by Fuba
or some other major antenna firm, so with a little searching, you may be
lucky enough to find one a bit cheaper.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, FInland

ps. I checked the parts req'd for an auto-level system for Xenon lights.
Forget the whole idea, I think you can get another car for the price of that
particular upgrade...

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>PS on another subject altogether: has any Euro lister tried the
>dual-purpose Fuba '16V' roof antenna for GSM phone reception? These can be
>recognized by the wire that wraps around the 'mast' bit. I'd like to have
>better reception without putting more antennas on my car.
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