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Ur-Q rear brake mod/questions...

This morning, out of curiosity, I decided to test-fit the 269mm x 20mm
ventilated rotors and 43mm piston dia. rear calipers to my Ur-Q ... not
surprisingly, they bolted right up.  I could use them as-is but think it may
be better to make up a thin spacer (<2mm) that fits between the rotor/hub or
caliper bracket/strut housing in order to get the caliper perfectly centered
over the rotor.

I know Audi used the same size/width rotor on the 20V Ur-Q but can't find
out what diameter pistons they used in the calipers ... does anyone have any
input on this?  I'm assuming the slight misalignment is a production
tolerance thing rather than a mix-and-match problem caused by using an S4
rotor instead of an "official" Ur-Q rotor ... if anyone has any BTDT about
this upgrade, I'm all ears.

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