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Re: parts CD vs. fiche...

>         A CD huh.  IS this a CD ROM with the parts fiche on it.  Sounds
> real nice. How much?

I suppose I should have detailed that a bit better.  I meant the CDROM
based (I think) system the my dealer has replaced their fiche system
with.  I know I could get a disc if I wheeedled enough, but the software
to run it... another story.  Solutions, anyone?

It's a great system - before I got my fiche, I could have my dealer fax
me a print of a drawing of a parts explosion (boom!, no, silly a
drawing!) and determine what I needed without going there.  Now I look
up the parts on my fiche, and we compare on the phone to make sure I
have good part numbers before ordering.  And I can plan my stainless
steel purchases in advance of the job, since my fiche describes the

Huw Powell


'82 (+/-) Audi Coupe & more coffee please