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Re: Gute Fahrt '98 issues 2&3

Get rid of your "life", you can't have a life and be on the list at the same

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From: Tom Nas <tnas@euronet.nl>
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Date: Sunday, March 08, 1998 11:47 AM
Subject: Gute Fahrt '98 issues 2&3

>Hi all,
>Having spent all day reading my huge backlog of q-digests (having a life
>wreaks havoc on your e-mail reading) I can't believe I've entered in this
>infernal Torsen thread... too late. Anyway, here's some overdue reporting
>on the contents of the last two issues of Gute Fahrt
>(VW/Audi/Porsche-related mag from Germany):
>Feb. issue:
>New Golf GTI 1.8T
>Audi A6 Avant biturbo introduction
>New Beetle
>Volkswagen on the Internet
>New German-language book about the history of VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda
>A6 V6 2.4 vs. 2.5 TDI
>Passat Syncro TDI 110 hp
>Alloy wheels special: Golf Mk.4/Audi A3
>Polo/Golf/Passat Variant test
>Audi A4 1.8T tiptronic
>Audi A4 TDI quattro
>Audi Allroad technical brief
>A4 sports suspension test
>March issue:
>New Porsche 911 cabrio
>Golf Mk.4 cabrio
>Test Audi A6 Avant biturbo
>Test New Beetle
>Test Golf TDI 110 hp
>Test Polo SDI 60 hp
>Test Audi A4 2.6
>Tuning test MTM Audi A6 1.8T 240 hp
>Tuning test Abt Audi A3 1.8T 235 hp
>If you're interested in a translation/summary of any of these articles,
>drop me a line. If there's enough interest on any item, I'll cc: the list.