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bmw in the brown and smelly

In message <c=NZ%a=_%p=CLANDNZ%l=CLWLG01-980309023810Z-10462@clwlg01.computerland.co.nz> David Eaton writes:

> BMW said that from this month all problems would be
> overcome because the nickel-based liner on the engine bores
> would be replaced by steel. It denied that any customer with a
> legitimate grievance had been unfairly treated. 

Actually "alloy blocks with nickel-plated bores will be replaced with blocks
with steel-sleeved bores". I don't know whether the Sunday Times or BMW
was being disingenuous.
The people to worry about are those who buy such a car when it's _out_ of 
warranty.  This will _not_ help BMWs resale values.

This seems to be very much a known problem amongst BMWers in the USA.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club