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World's Funniest Driving Machine?

I happened to catch a bit of a show called something like the World's
Funniest Videos which included a clip of some fairly cocky guy driving
some german automobile under some sort of demo (perhaps for the press).
At first I thought they were going to show the video of the MBz
Sport-Ute rolling, but then I saw the "propeller" on the steering wheel.
They then show the outside camera shot so that you can tell it is a BMW
"Touring" model which was in a slalom ... the car starts getting out
from under him, until the end when he actually rolls the car!  The car
ended up rather unconveniently upside down with its nose touching the
ground right in front of the camera.  Apparently the driver wasn't even
wearing a safety belt (probably counting on the airbags :).

I hadn't seen anyone else post a note on this, so I thought I would.  I
guess the Fox network wants to make sure that it doesn't get any more
BMW advertising ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)