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World's Funniest Driving Machine?

In message <933713F1FB7BD111AC2300A0C98F1AD103104A@MILXPR06> "Buchholz, Steven" writes:

> I happened to catch a bit of a show called something like the World's
> Funniest Videos which included a clip of some fairly cocky guy driving
> some german automobile under some sort of demo (perhaps for the press).
> At first I thought they were going to show the video of the MBz
> Sport-Ute rolling, but then I saw the "propeller" on the steering wheel.
> They then show the outside camera shot so that you can tell it is a BMW
> "Touring" model which was in a slalom ... the car starts getting out
> from under him, until the end when he actually rolls the car!  The car
> ended up rather unconveniently upside down with its nose touching the
> ground right in front of the camera.  Apparently the driver wasn't even
> wearing a safety belt (probably counting on the airbags :).

I think the driver in this incident was one of BMW's executive chauffeurs.

Mucho embarrassment at the time.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club