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91 200Q - 60k MILES!

>> Low miles is < 40K which is what I have on my 1991 90 Quattro Sedan.
... but he only run it in rallies on weekends, right?
what's that, about 500 miles per month?

>_REAL_ Audi drivers call < 40K "delivery mileage".
takes that long just to burn the cosmoline off the running gear...

>  Up to 100K is generally known as "running in".
a perfect time to renew the suspension bushings to handle that newfound

>  After 150K, roughly 10% of all mileage is taken up
>in the search for a good dealership.  After 200K, almost 50% is spent huntin
>out breakers' yards.
too inefficient, phil.
my breaker yard is closer than my dealer and i buy most parts by phone...


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