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NOOO!!!! 200t frustration!!!!

Damn car! Still looking for replacement for Pierburg WGFV, no luck.
It is raining in Cape Town, temperature around 21 celcius, not hot
at all. Going to town, about 10km drive, get there and look at the
temp gauge... 100+ celcius! Pull over, open radiator cap, coolant isn't
that hot. Drive away very worried, temp drops to around 80 celcius
after about 8km driving at about 80km/h. Get to another electrical
valve place and the Bosch pneumatics store, they don't have anything
resembling what I want. I go to Lynx Motorsport to see if they can
come up with something. There is a Porsche 911 turbo (old, early
80s car) with claimed 2 bar boost pressure, a Golf GTi 16v G60 with
about 118kW and a Dodge Stealth 3 litre twin turbo (with a 180MPH
speedo and rumours that it is very fast!). Anyway, the guy cannot
tell me where to get a replacement for the WGFV. We start talking
mods and he tells me he has seen stock Turbos (200t) cars with bust
conrods and stuff. Now I'm worried about pushing 2 bar out the car.
(Someone please tell me they've been doing 1.8 bar heavy driving
in the early 5kT or 200t with an auto tranny!!! I can do with the
assurance that I won't completely destroy the motor sometime in
the future!) Anyway, I start the car, press the brake pedal and it
goes berserk!! The light indicating bust taillight or headlamp comes
on (the one that would be more appropriate indicate "no hand grenades"
rather than "blown bulb"!), and immediately after that the sign
indicating "blown brake light" comes on. I drive directly to Barons
VW/Audi agents and turn the rear lights on, they both work. I check
the brakes, both lights work! I check the headlamps, all is fine!
What the hell is going on? Everytime I hit the brakes, the signs come
on. What gives? I drive home, park the car in the driveway and do
another test. I press the brake pedal, both brake lights and the
3rd brake light come on. I put the lights on, a sound of a relay from
the gearshift region sounds and I go check the front lights, they're
fine, then the rear, both are on and also the 3rd brake light is on
without the brakes being pressed (car is in PARK and the saftey brake
is down). Car is off, turn the ignition on (not starting car) and then
turn the lights on immediately sounds a blown bulb signal.

Anyone figure what could be causing this when all the lights seem to
work perfectly fine? Anyone had this happen before? Anyone know why
the 3rd brake light on the rear deck would be on when the headlamps
are turned on? Anyone need 2nd Audi 200t parts?

"a thousand miles from here, there is another person smiling"
1990 Turbo (200t, MAC13A ECU, 1.4-1.6 bar, FWD auto)
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