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Re: CIS to EFI

Uhmmm....is this my thread? Uhmmm...I posted a CIS-EFI thing on
Sunday, but I remember some other people also asked about CIS-EFI
before me (S. Babbar?). Was just wondering if this is reply to their
questions or to mine from Sunday.

Urh....if it is a reply to mine then it would be a nice idea to replace
the torsen thread with this, Bruce. But, uhm, I'd just like to point
out that I'm not going to be responsible if it does blow up like the
torsen discussion! :) The torsen discussion was interesting, I learnt
a bit, but I also became very confused after a while when so much
different and sometimes conflicting info came through. If this thread
does develop (and I hope it does) then I'm very, very interested in
learning something constructive (ie. how EFI works, what systems are
available, how to determine proper parts and flow characteristics,
how to develop the computer bits of it, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah
blah, warrawarrawarra!!) as I am no technical person, but am an Audi
lover (almost, if only my car loved me back and I know it doesn't!!!
That's the thing with children, if they're treated bad as a child
(ie. previous owner), then when they grow up (100,000+ km) then they
are intent on treating the parent (new owner!) like sh*t!) and I would
like to improve my car to modern standards and efficiency. :)

End of blurb. Uhm...hope thread develops. Anyone thought of developing
a QL-EFI based on something like the free EFI332 system?

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