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Hot starting problems on '84 UR-q

In message <199803091245.MAA07655@mailhost.man.brite.co.uk> "Mark Warren" writes:

> Could anyone advise me on the cause of starting problems with my '84 
> 2144CC UR-q.

Loads of people.  Some might even get it right.

> I have a spuradic problem; when the engine is HOT then 99.9% of the 
> time the engine will not fire after 10 minutes.  However if left for 
> 30 minutes then it fires first turn of the key.

On an old WR, there are a number of things:
a) Some people find hot starting improved with the connector pulled off
   the cold start valve.
b) The injector cooling fan shroud should have a hole (around 1") to 
   blow air up against the bonnet and along the fuel lines.  Otherwise
   fuel standing in the lines has a tendency to vaporise, especially if
   the fuel pump check valve is leaking the system pressure down when
   engine is off.
c) The injector cooling fan might not be running at all.  Pull the 
   connector off the thermoswitch (on the heatshield, behind and 
   below the metering head) and ground it to the engine.  The fan 
   should run.  

Otherwise, check fuel system pressure retention.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club